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Prepare for the best way to have Easy and Secure Access to Commodity Trading and DeFi Liquidity.

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Facilitate access to a DeFi ecosystem – Xofia DeFi Ecosystem – that enables three different systems (Trade finance, DeFi investments, and mathematical modeling) and creates liquidity, income maximization, and longterm asset appreciation. Xofia’s ecosystem allows participants from the commodity and energy trading world to meet, commit, and exchange goods and services with DeFi investors.

What is Xofia

An application that allows Easy and Secure Access to DeFi Income Maximization via the exploitation of a marketplace of tokenized trade finance invoices and inventories, offered to investors at fixed discounted rates to gurantee returns in short business cycles.

  • Illiquid Assets Create Cash Flow Constraints

    Too many illiquid assets in the balance sheet may lead to a liquidity crisis, as companies sometimes are unable to generate enough cash to cover expenses and pay their debts.
  • Liquidity Through Asset Tokenization in DeFi

    Through tokenization, assets that are hard to transfer or trade can be divided into fractional units (tokens) that can be easily exchanged through a decentralized finance application that reduces the process’ complexity and cost and enables a wider range of investment participation.
  • Xofia's Application Provides Secured Investment Opportunities In Defi

    Decentralized finance investors will find in Xofia’s Decentralized Finance Application (XDAPP) a true marketplace for secured and profitable results, as they have the possibility of investing in assets with tangible economic returns.
  • Trusted Deals and Counterparts

    Within XDAPP, investors can chose from a variety of assets, invoices and inventories, and calculate their returns based on the terms and conditions of the deals that created these documents originally. The deals are made between reputable companies in the commodity sector, and are audited by a first-class auditing firm that certifies that the tokens represent the actual economic value and property rights of the deal.
  • Invest Against Cradit Ratings

    Investor’s risk is against well-known commodity trading and commodity processing firms that have credit ratings and performance indicators.

How it Works

  • Trade Finance And Mathematical Modeling Marketplace

    XDAPP enables three different systems (Trade finance, DeFi investments, and mathematical modeling), to operate as a unified ecosystem that creates liquidity, income maximization, and long-term asset appreciation. The newly created system allows participants from the commodity world to meet, commit, and exchange goods and services with DeFi investors.
  • Discounted Assets With Locked Margins

    Therefore, XDAPP operates as a marketplace where commodity players offer secured invoices and physical inventories that DeFi investors can buy at discounted rates, and later profit from once they are realized –all this without the complexity and high-cost of participating in the transaction.
  • Autonomous Marketplace Smart Contract

    XDAPP is a smart contract that registers all the participants, assets, risks, values, rates and returns, and interactions, to keep an exact and detailed account of the ecosystem while safeguarding the participant’s legal rights and proper flow of resources.
  • Automatic Access, Execution, and Settlement

    The smart contract regulates and guarantees the integrity of the transactions and the parts themselves, to allow them to interact and reach a settlement that guarantees the relationship between the smart contract and the commercial agreement according to a third party surveyor and auditor. The smart contract also lets the parts benefit from a mathematical model that measures each transaction’s risk, solvency requirements, and the expected return in terms of discounted rate or acquisition cost.
  • Xofia Tokens for Marketplace Liquidity and Income Maximization

    To increase transaction efficiency, transparency, and accessibility without geographical barriers, the ecosystem uses its own token system that allows investors to hold them as additional proof of ownership and tradability. Said tokens allow participants to interact within the application and can be used to enter multiple opportunities, create additional income through DeFi products, or maximize capital gains through an algorithmic trading platform for yield farming.

About Xofia

Xofia is a mathematical modeling company that works on causality models over advanced computing to find and exploint patterns and correlations that might provide a better probability distributions of financial returns in decentralized financial markets.

Xofia understands that DeFi enables anyone to provide liquidity using an automated smart contract and take advantage of liquidity pools for reward generation opportunities with no KYC, no capital restrictions, and no intermediary. Xofia’s scientific approach aims at exploiting liquidity pooling services, from AMM DEX platforms, to liquidity mining, yield farming, lending protocols, liquid staking, and synthetic derivatives to create optimal investment strategies without the cost and limitations of traditional finance.


Mathematical Modeling Over Advanced Computing

Scientific based strategy that takes into account the complexity of extracting patterns from random dynamic DeFi markets and develops an algorithmic investment platform, focused on discovering the causality relations at the different scales of DeFi products. Based on multi-scale mathematical and statistical modeling techniques that couples first-principle analysis with data-driven deep learning models, assisted by advanced computing. Xofia’s scientific approach can create a measurement of predictability to find the optimal liquidity pool (LP) returns.

XOFIA will connect both worlds to allow them to share their opportunities and benefits, which include fractional ownership of commodities, contracts, production facilities, as well as participate in the high dynamics of liquidity and value creation of DeFi markets.


We partner with exceptional founders and management teams across all stages to build leading data-driven and first principle based mathematical models.

Q3 2021

Xofia business model consolidation via the acquisition of trade finance invoices and inventories over a decentralized platform and provide a proof of concept of the marketplace, which includes real deals, advanced algorithms, and investing transaction. During this period the business model and the application will be in constant development and improvement, in order to support a formal 2022 launch.

Q1 2022

Launch a sandbox platform where participants can experience the process of offering and investing trade finance assets and creating liquidity and returns, whitout the risk of exposing the asset or the investing to platform malfunction or malicious activity. During this live period of operation, limited transactions are going to be tested in real financial and legal terms to allow Xofia and the participants to create performance indicators that will measure the level of efficiency and return to the future open platform participants.

Q3 2022

Open application to any asset holder and any investor with the certainty of the performance indicators and technical functionality to operate as a dynamic marketplace, where commodity trading companies and investors in the DeFi ecosystem can maximize their positions and have low cost liquidity and secure returns.

Q1 2023

Provide support and business opportunities to other traditional inventory and invoices holders in different industries and become a significant source of financing to traditional trade finance facilities and a hybrid DeFi investment platform that combine the benefits of DeFi and secure and guaranteed returns.