Where Business Opportunities Meet Crypto Investors and Exchange Resources to Increase Liquidity and Reduce Market Volatility

Decentralized Finance Application Using Blockchain Technologies

The problem is

Many small and medium sized businesses have limited access to efficient capital (in a timely and low cost manner).

Lack of Liquidity

Crypto invertors have limited access to investment opportunities backed by reliable assets and institutions.

High Volatility

~5% Daily Average Volatility

This Is Your Opportunity To Capitalize On Crypto Assets And Help Build A New Liquidity Ecosystem

Digitalization of traditional business assets (invoices, contracts, equity, and debt) that have proven track records of successful transactions into fractional crypto tokens that can be traded anytime from anywhere.

Investors have access to assets that are typically available in retail markets, from reputable companies and competitive markets (e.g., large renewable energy projects or mobility infrastructure).

Access to multimillion dollar projects with small portfolios and reduced investments processes, which democratize investments and financing. More owners, more resources.

How It Works

Where Retail Crypto Investors Around the World Meet Major Transactions and Corporations in Key Industries



Provide Liquidity

Crypto Assets into Business Tokens



Allocation of Liquidity

Access to Fractional Ownership



Assets are Distributed

Businesses Receive Resources



Businesses Create Value

Investors Maximize Investments



Value is Distributed

Investors Divest or Reinvest

Competitive Advantages

Fractional Ownership

Trading opportunities are divided into digital tokens

Smart Contracts and Trading Algorithms

Automation to reduce human intervention and time consuming operations

Minimum Fees and Reduced Collaterals

More competitive deals and better investment returns

Investment Opportunities

Companies in these industries offer diversified investment opportunities in the form of invoices in the balance sheet, the assignment of a contract's economic rights, equity financing, and debt emission.

Real Estate

Xofia is expected to create an ecosystem of hundreds of millions in transactions per month

  • A tokenized ecosystem where new forms of payment allow multiple crypto assets to be accepted and exchanged for diversified legal and economic benefits at any moment of time and place
  • Transactions Pay Fees that are considerable cheaper than any other trading ecosystem
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms to set opportunities and create value
  • Immutable ledgers that keep track of participants, deals, transactions, and settlements with minimum human involvement and participation

Profitable Roadmap

We partner with exceptional businesses and investors across strategic markets to build a leading marketplace that connects traditional financial models with crypto liquidity


The information provided in this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, as Xofia Decentralized Finance Application (XDAPP) eliminates intermediaries in financial transactions altogether by using software to match orders automatically, determine and change interest rates, calculate value at risk, investment returns, transaction settlements, and system solvency requirements. This automation may identify the absence of clear intermediaries and controlling institutions and therefore assume that users delegate the